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Stellar Series - Prosperity

Memorigin has given a new appearance to its core product Stellar Series – Imperial. The silver stainless-steel case encloses a watch dial decorated with 18K gold. The Stellar Series – Prosperity is exclusively available at the Hong Kong mechanical watch retailer Auto Shop....


Having been in the tailoring industry for 41 years, Chief Tailor Ben Hung prides himself on making the best bespoke menswear for his clients. The mechanical tailoring method which he developed combines the multidimensional and the traditional tailoring techniques. It is also described as an innovati...

Flower of Life

Fortune-teller Tse Lau-yu Tasha is not only a master in Purple Star Astrology and Feng Shui practices, but she is also an expert in Western spirituality. As the philosophy of Feng Shui is closely related to the natural environment and the magnetized energy fields, Tasha advocates the exploration of ...

Zodiac Series - Tiger

Tiger is reigning supreme in 2022. As part of its efforts to promote Chinese culture, the Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand Memorigin is releasing the Zodiac Series – Tiger tourbillon watch to celebrate the Year of Tiger. Artisans have showcased the exquisite craftsmanship by embossing the tiger vivi...

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