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Singer JJ Lin Wore “The Mermaid” Tourbillon

Singer JJ Lin uploaded a photo on social media wearing "The Mermaid" Tourbillon watch and tagged Stephen Chow and humorously captioned, "Wearing Stephen Chow's 'The Mermaid' Tourbillon while singing 'Mermaid'!"...

《MING WATCH》 shares "The Mermaid" tourbillon

Memorigin, the local tourbillon watch brand, has launched its latest creation in collaboration with director Stephen Chow, who directed the movie 'The Mermaid.' Stephen Chow himself personally endorses and promotes this tourbillon watch....

Diva Channel Interview (Part 1)

William Shum, the founder and CEO of Memorigin, was recently interviewed by Diva Channel, where he discussed the connection between Stephen Chow and Memorigin....

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