Hong Kong tennis athlete Coleman Wong Chak-lam has achieved a new personal best in the latest Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Rankings, rising 3 places to 180th. This accomplishment marks a new chapter in Hong Kong tennis. Memorigin extends its sincere congratulations to him!

Memorigin has previously collaborated with Coleman to introduce the Coleman Tourbillon Watch, featuring a tennis-themed design. The watch is specially crafted with a barrel-shaped carbon fiber case. With the same volume, it weighs only one-fifth of steel, allowing the wearer to move with agility and flexibility. The design is inspired by the graceful swing of tennis rackets. The timepiece features a captivating hollow dial pattern resembling the strings of a tennis racket, further accentuated by a tennis ball pattern frame surrounding the tourbillon window at 6 o'clock. As the tourbillon rotates once a minute, it resembles a spinning tennis ball, adding a dynamic touch to the watch. The vibrant fluorescent yellow time markers and hands infuse the watch with an energetic and sporty touch.

The watch features a tourbillon movement composed of 155 components and 18 jewels, offering a power reserve of 40 hours and operating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The ever-rotating tourbillon symbolizes the athlete's unwavering passion for sports and their relentless pursuit of breakthroughs, which knows no bounds.

The back of the sapphire crystal transparent case is engraved with Coleman's signature, while his life motto "Survive Every Storm" is etched on the carbon fiber case, serving as an enduring reminder to continuously enhance one's skills and fortitude, enabling them to triumph over any challenge that may arise.


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