Renowned Hong Kong actor Mr. Stephen Chow, as the First Creator for the NFT project "Nobody," has collaborated with Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin to launch a globally limited edition of 50 Nobody Tourbillon watches. Following its official release in Hong Kong on April 1st, the Nobody Tourbillon watch had its Malaysia regional launch on May 16th at the Westime headquarters. The event was attended by Memorigin founder and CEO, Mr. William Shum, Westime General Manager Mr. Yap, and the Malaysian musical group Steady Gang.

On the day of the event, a live online broadcast was held, featuring a combined online and offline auction of the "No. 1" Nobody Tourbillon watch and an exclusive NFT. The auction was hosted by renowned watch blogger Mr. Max and concluded with the special guest, Steady Gang, winning the watch with a bid of MYR 25,888 (approximately HKD 42,800). Westime General Manager Mr. Yap donated all proceeds from the auction to the Johor Bahru Lions Renal Care Foundation and conducted a check presentation ceremony, adding significant meaning to the event.

Steady Gang, formed by Malaysian influencers Choo Hao Ren, Tomato, and Aya, are super fans of Stephen Chow. They previously released a tribute song to Mr. Stephen Chow, titled "Chow Xing Chi," which has garnered 16 million views on YouTube. Their successful bid for the "No. 1" Nobody Tourbillon watch further proves they are well deserving of the title of "Big Fans" of Mr. Stephen Chow. At the event, they even performed "Chow Xing Chi", enhancing the atmosphere and warming up the audience.

The Nobody Tourbillon watch features black as the main color, with two striking silver three-dimensional sculptural patterns adorning the skeleton dial. Positioned at 12 o'clock is the 007 image of Stephen Chow's avatar in the Nobody collection, while at 3 o'clock is the "Nobody" logo. Apart from its elegant design, it also holds significant value for collectors. The first 20 customers will receive a specially designed NFT paying homage to classic characters from Stephen Chow's films, while every purchaser of the watch will receive a "Nobody" golden card with Mr. Stephen Chow's autograph. The Nobody Tourbillon watch is now officially launched in Malaysia and available for purchase at RHAPSODY stores located in Pavilion KL and City Square JB.

Mr. Yap, General Manager of Westime, shared that Westime has been cooperating with Memorigin for many years, distributing various unique series of watches to Malaysia, including the Bruce Lee series, Transformers series, and others, all of which have been highly favored by watch enthusiasts. He stated that this is the first time the company is organizing such a live watch auction event, aiming to raise funds for charity through this meaningful watch model and event, while also promoting Memorigin, a tourbillon brand known for its quality.

Memorigin founder and CEO, Mr. William Shum, also expressed his excitement about this combined online and offline auction event, as most auctions in Hong Kong are physical auctions. This new approach to online auctions, which attracted 4,000 to 5,000 simultaneous viewers and bidders, has been a refreshing experience for him. Regarding the brand's development in Malaysia, he stated, "Malaysia has made significant efforts in preserving Chinese culture and is also known for its multiculturalism. The brand does not rule out the possibility of collaborating with Westime in the future to launch watches that combine tradition and innovation, while incorporating the unique cultural characteristics of Malaysia.


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