Memorigin is honored to create a commemorative tourbillon watch for the HKU Business School, with a limited edition of 100 pieces. This watch not only celebrates the new chapter that the university is about to embark on with its upcoming Pokfield campus but also pays tribute to the illustrious history and promising future of the School.

Each watch is meticulously engraved with the emblem of the University of Hong Kong, symbolizing the institution's tradition and glory. It not only boasts precise timekeeping and outstanding craftsmanship but also embodies the spirit and culture of the university campus. Every detail is carefully polished to showcase the unique charm and character of the institution.

The proceeds from this watch will be used to support the development of the new campus of the University of Hong Kong and home of the business school for the 21st century. Through this watch, we hope to enable more people to experience the unique charm of the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Business and Economics and its steadfast commitment to education.


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