Actor Jackie Lui Chung Yin is a well-known motorcycle enthusiast in the industry. He has collaborated with the Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin to launch the Blast Tourbillon watch, inspired by motorcycles. This collaboration integrates Jackie's passion for motorcycles into the watch's design. To commemorate this occasion, they held the "Blast Tourbillon Launch Event" on September 7, 2023, at the prestigious "Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair 2023." Actor Jackie Lui, Gabriel Harrison, Rick Kwan, KOL in the Hong Kong watch industry, and Memorigin Watch Company Limited's Director and Consultant, Shum Mak Ling, were also present at the event. Due to prior commitments, Memorigin's founder and CEO, William Shen, was unable to attend the launch event, but he sincerely recorded a congratulatory video. He expressed his admiration as a "Jin Yong fan" and revealed that he has been a fan of Jackie Lui Chung Yin's character, Ling Wu Chung, for a long time. He was fortunate to be introduced to Jackie through his partner, Rick Kwan, and as a result, they collaborated seamlessly to create this youthful Blast Tourbillon watch.

Jackie, who has just returned from filming a costume drama in the Mainland, revealed that he had unfortunately fallen ill in recent days. Fortunately, he has now recovered from the fever and was able to attend this launch event. He mentioned that he is only staying in Hong Kong for a few days and will soon be heading back to Beijing for his eyewear brand's event. When asked about his involvement in both tourbillon watches and eyeglasses and whether he intends to further develop in the field of design, he expressed that the opportunity is rare, so he is putting in a lot of effort to try. However, he is not a professional, thus facing significant difficulty and pressure. He also mentioned that during his short stay in Hong Kong, if the weather is good, he would like to plan a motorcycle ride and tea sessions with friends. When asked if his wife might complain about him spending so few days in Hong Kong and still always going out, he laughed and said she wouldn't because he will make sure to spend quality time with her.

In terms of tourbillon watch design, Jackie revealed that he selected a tough and rugged, barrel-shaped stainless steel case, available in silver or gold-plated options. It is adorned with blue minute markers on the outer ring and crown rubber rings as decoration, giving it a rugged and stylish appearance. Above the black skeleton dial, there is a motorcycle silhouette composed of the word "Jackie" upon closer inspection. At the 6 o'clock position, it was designed with reference to the shape of a brake disc. When the tourbillon rotates, it resembles a spinning wheel racing through the wind, exuding a strong mechanical sense.

Super motorcycle enthusiast Jackie Lui, who is like a professional rider, naturally places the greatest importance on the practicality of his watches. The watch is equipped with excellent shock resistance, allowing riders to cruise freely on the road. Additionally, to facilitate night-time cycling, luminous material has been added to the hands and time markers, enabling clear timekeeping even in low light conditions and enhancing the watch's performance.

This series of watches features a manual-winding tourbillon movement with a power reserve of 40 hours and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It provides stable and precise timekeeping, making it the perfect companion for your motorcycle journeys. Finally, Mr. Shum Mak Ling, the Director and Consultant of Memorigin Watch Co., Ltd., presented a customized Blast Tourbillon Watch specially crafted for Jackie to commemorate this precious moment.


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