To celebrate the grand opening of Ron Ng's "Saga Topia—Ron Ng's Exhibition of Figure Art Collection," Memorigin has specially designed the PigPi Limited Edition Tourbillon watch, adding the icing on the cake to the exhibition event. Ron Ng Cheuk Hei has held a deep interest in watches since a young age and has cultivated a habit of collecting them. Thus, this collaboration with Memorigin to launch the PigPi Tourbillon watch can be viewed as the realization of his childhood dream, allowing him to possess a timepiece that is truly his own and making the experience all the more meaningful.

The tourbillon watch was designed by the Memorigin design team based on PigPi, one of Ron Ng's hairless cats. Representing the trendsetting feline, PigPi serves as the focal point for the watch's creative direction. The tourbillon watch features an all-black barrel-shaped case with an all-silver embossed dial. On the dial, PigPi is depicted wearing a suit, star-shaped sunglasses, and holding a hand gun, with the trademark "PigPi" engraved on the back, adding a touch of playfulness. As for the hands, the iconic peachy pink color of PigPi has been chosen, along with the tourbillon mechanism rotating at the 6 o'clock position, which makes the watch more dynamic and eye-catching.

The tourbillon watch is equipped with a movement comprising 155 components and 18 jewels, providing a power reserve of 40 hours and operating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. This not only transforms the watch into a precise timekeeping instrument for the wearer but also elevates it as a symbol of fashion and individuality. Furthermore, the tourbillon watch offers the option of black or white straps, catering to the preferences of a diverse range of wearers!

The PigPi Limited Edition Tourbillon will make its debut at "Saga Topia - Ron Ng's Exhibition of Figure Art Collection." "Saga Topia" kicks off in Macau as its first stop and will take place from August 18th to October 8th, 2023, at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center. The event will showcase over 300 meticulously selected models and sculptures from Ron Ng's collection. Additionally, there will be a limited-time pop-up store on-site, offering PigPi-themed merchandise, including the PigPi Limited Edition Tourbillon watch. Do not miss this opportunity, all of you who are devoted fans of PigPi!


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