Hong Kong tennis athlete Coleman Wong has been invited by Memorigin founder William Shum to collaborate on the launch of the Coleman Tourbillon watch. Coleman, who recently won the mixed doubles bronze medal for Hong Kong at the Chengdu World University Games, has returned to Hong Kong to tirelessly work on promotional photoshoots for his first-ever designed tourbillon watch. On that day, he was photographed in two different styles, sporting athletic attire and casual wear, showcasing his diverse charm.

When inquired about William's decision to collaborate with Coleman, he cited his profound passion for tennis and his constant attention to the tennis scene. He effusively lauded Coleman for being a talented, hardworking, and humble athlete. Despite his youth, Coleman made history as the first professional tournament-winning tennis player from Hong Kong, making all Hong Kongers proud. Hence, we aspire to honor Coleman's extraordinary accomplishments through this tourbillon watch and promote the 'Hong Kong spirit.'

Coleman expressed his interest in mechanical watches and found it fascinating to be able to provide input on the watch's design this time. When asked about the design concept of the watch, he revealed that it incorporates several tennis elements. For instance, the time markers and hands feature a fluorescent yellow color reminiscent of tennis balls. Additionally, he added a personal touch by engraving his life motto, 'Survive Every Storm,' on the back of the carbon fiber case. He hopes that everyone wearing the watch will continuously strive to improve their skills, cultivate resilience, and overcome every challenge and difficulty.


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