Bingo Group Holdings Limited (08220) and Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin established a new joint venture company called BGM. The company placed an advertisement for "The Mermaid Tourbillon" on a billboard outside the busy Hong Kong Cross-Harbor Tunnel. Kimbee Chan Hoi Wan, the wealthiest woman in Hong Kong, saw the ad and tagged "Stephen Chow" on Instagram. She commented, "I saw the beautiful Mermaid Tourbillon watch while passing through the tunnel this morning! I couldn't resist buying one because it was so stunning!" In response to Kimbee's support, Stephen Chow promptly reposted and replied, "You are too kind. I'll treat you to tea and let's have something to eat!" Thanks to the support from both parties, the event received extensive coverage by the Hong Kong media.

BGM's main focus is on exploring, designing, and selling tourbillon watches with movie themes. The first global limited edition of "The Mermaid" Tourbillon watch, with only 100 pieces available, integrates the sustainable and environmentally conscious message from "The Mermaid" film, which was directed, written, and produced by Mr. Stephen Chow. These messages have been integrated into the watch's craftsmanship to promote the conservation of the ocean and its ecosystems.

To compliment the sci-fi theme of the movie, the watch features an electroplated colored stainless steel case that evokes the colorful and fantastical mermaid tail seen on the movie poster. The watch has a hollow design that reveals the sea-blue ripple pattern, highlighting the oceanic theme. The brand use a square metal frame to connect various components on the timepiece, mimicking the form of sand to represent that approximately 70% of the Earth is covered by the ocean, while the rest is land.

The tourbillon located at 3 o'clock is the highlight of the entire watch. To fully showcase the beauty of the tourbillon, a unique three-dimensional convex sapphire crystal, specially crafted by the brand, is integrated into the watch case. The tourbillon’s movement can be appreciated from both the front and the side. The GMT dual time display at 6 o’clock position is a luminous hemisphere, shaped like a moon. The silhouette of a mermaid can be seen in pitch-black darkness. The 9 o'clock position features a hollow eccentric time dial made of mother-of-pearl, with a beautiful mermaid tail carved in the central position and pearls used as the time scale to complement the elegant image of the mermaid. The 12 o'clock position features a globe-shaped ornament symbolizing human curiosity and the pursuit of immortality about mermaids. Additionally, “The Mermaid” Tourbillon is paired with a unique stingray strap that sways and shines like the splendor of a swimming mermaid with the movement of the wrist.

The watch is equipped with an automatic self-winding movement composed of 232 components and 18 jewels, with a power reserve of 40 hours and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. The abbreviation of the company name "BGM" is engraved on the tourbillon with an 18K gold disc, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship without affecting its stability. “The Mermaid” Tourbillon is meticulously crafted from the inside out. It is not just a timekeeping tool but also an artwork that promotes environmental messages. It is not only a tool for people to check the time but also a work of art that promotes environmental protection.

The first 30 customers who successfully pre-order will receive a watch box with director Mr. Stephen Chow’s signature. For more information, please visit the following website:


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