A mechanical watch's most intriguing feature is its fine engineering, which powers hundreds of meticulously assembled gears inside. It also displays an exquisite level of craftsmanship and creativity. The Bright Series, recently launched by the Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin, embodies the charm of mechanical watches in an elegant form.

The design inspiration for the watch comes from the assembly of interlocking parts. Using a skeleton sandwich dial, the designer embellished it with screws and jewel bearings at the connecting positions. The brand is meticulous about every element. The round edges of each dial are finished with refined polishing, while the time-telling sub-dial has a classic sunburst pattern which will give an intriguing iridescence upon interaction with light. There is a lot that goes into the design of a watch, as these seemingly small details contribute to its overall aesthetic.

The Bright Series comes in metallic black and bright blue colors. The tourbillon movement composed of 173 components and 27 jewels provides 80 hours of power storage. The visually appealing tourbillon at six o'clock has a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. It is also equipped with a day and night indicator at three o'clock, adding a touch of elegance to its practical functions.


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