Memorigin’s partner and professional snooker player Marco Fu stunned the crowd with a maximum break of “147” in the semi-final of the 2022 Hong Kong Masters. Although he came second with a loss of 4-6 in the final, Hong Kong citizens took pride in his sportsmanship and impressive performance.

To celebrate his win, Memorigin’s Founder William Shum prepared a customized cake and a card for him. The brand even advertised Marco Fu’s 20th Anniversary Tourbillon on the billboard outside the busiest Hong Kong Cross-Habour Tunnel.

Memorigin has collaborated with Marco twice and launched two tourbillon watches: Marco Fu Series and Marco Fu’s 20th Anniversary Series. The watches commemorate some of his greatest career achievements. During the competition, he wore the Marco Fu’s 20th Anniversary tourbillon launched in 2018.

The watch has a round-shaped case with a slanted angle cut and is decorated with white and black diamonds. The design inspiration comes from the white ball and the black ball with the highest score (7 degrees) in the cue sport. The classic black-and-white color combination is striking and timeless. Through the semi-skeleton dial, the mechanical operation of the exquisite watch components can be seen. The Roman numeral hour markers on the dial enhance its elegance.

The initials of Marco Fu “MF” are carved on the Japanese Akoya pearl at the eight o’clock position. It is acting as a second hand. It also implies the white ball hit by the player in a snooker game. Surprising snooker elements can be found in every detail. A snooker cue is hidden in the eleven o’clock position.


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