Bingo Group (08220) announced the establishment of a new joint venture company with the Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin and Topping Mark Limited. The company will be mainly engaged in the design and sales of movie-themed tourbillon watches. On October 27, 2022, a contract was signed by the Founder of Memorigin Mr. William Shum and the Executive Director of Topping Mark Ms. Kelly Chow.

The development of creative industries and cultural industries has always been important to Mr. Stephen Chow, the Executive Director of Bingo Group. He is dedicated to boosting the creative industries with film entertainment. The customized tourbillon watches will allow him to further display our watchmaking expertise and boundless creativity.

William feels honored for having the chance to work with his idol and even form a company for long-term cooperation. As a super fan of Mr. Chow and a supporter of the creative industry, he believes that it is a rare opportunity to cooperate with Hong Kong’s “King of Comedy” and to create tourbillon watches together.

Memorigin is the first tourbillon watch brand in Hong Kong. The brand integrates marvelous oriental sculpture and top western watchmaking skills to produce tourbillon watches with prominent cultural features. It has collaborated with international IPs such as Batman, Avengers, Star Wars, and Transformers. Talking about the business expansion, William is confident that the tourbillon watches can bring 8-digit revenues to the new company in three years.

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