Fencing has become a popular sport in the city after the Hong Kong fencing team obtained excellent results in the Olympic Games and the National Games. Being a big supporter of local sports development, the Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin recently partnered with the team’s elite trainer Gregory Koenig from France, Olympic fencer Cheung Siu-lun, and the FIE-qualified international referee Gerald Cheng Chi-hung. They collaboratively design a fencing-themed timepiece to promote the sport in the community. The Fancy Fencing Series Tourbillon was launched at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2022.

Memorigin’s Founder & CEO William Shum shared the importance of sports development on stage with Mr. Jonathan Tong, who is the Vice President of the Hong Kong Fencing Association, the Executive Director of Gale Well Group Ltd, and the Director of Po Leung Kuk. Although Gregory Koening was not in Hong Kong and could not attend the event in person, he recorded a video to send his heartfelt congratulations to the brand. “It is my pleasure to work with Memorigin as I not only had the chance to visit its R&D center but also took part in creating a watch. I hope this collaboration can draw more public attention to fencing,” said Gregory Koenig.

During the event, William, Cheung Siu-lun, and Gerald Cheng introduced the characteristics of each watch. The Fancy Fencing Series includes three watches, each named after a characteristic of the sport: elegance, flexibility, and focus. The watches have adopted a timeless color tone with a black alligator strap, a silver watch case, and a grey dial, making them endlessly versatile. The dial features an iconic foil mask metal relief on the twelve o’clock position. It is skeletal so that the operation of the delicate movement components underneath can mildly be seen.

The Fancy Fencing Series – Elegance tourbillon is inlaid with five fascinating black diamonds as the hour markers. The day and night indicator on the three o’clock position is carved with the word ‘FENCING’. The hand of the power reserve indicator is in the shape of the sword, subtly representing a fencer’s passion for the sport. The Fancy Fencing Series – Flexibility tourbillon features a watch case with a smooth bullnose edge. The hands are in the form of three weapons: foil as the hour hand, épée as the minute hand, and sabre as the hand of the GMT indicator. The Fancy Fencing Series – Focus tourbillon has a watch case with a sharp edge. The yellow, red, and black penalty cards are embedded in the form of metal relief on the day and night indicator, catching every attention when the watch is being seen.

Proceeds from the sale of the Fancy Fencing Series tourbillon watches will be partly donated to Cheers Up Foundation. It has created exclusive educational materials on fencing so that more students will have the opportunity to participate in the sport. For each watch purchased, one child will be subsidized to learn fencing through the Exciting Fencing program. The Founder of Cheers Up Foundation Ms. Irene Chung and the Principal of Chinese YMCA Primary School (CYMCAPS) Mr. Ching Chi Cheung mentioned the benefits of promoting fencing. William presented a certificate of appreciation to Ms. Chung to express his gratitude. The students of CYMCAPS demonstrated how to fence with the exclusive educational materials under the guidance of Cheung Siu-lun and Gerald. The audience was impressed with the kids’ talents and performance.


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