Since established in 1992, Asian Academy for Sports & Fitness Professionals (AASFP) has nurtured over 200 thousand members and promoted wellness living to the public.

Sports have a positive influence on everyone no matter how old he or she is. The academy believes that the development of the sports industry can turn sports into a lifelong activity.

To bring more job opportunities and an economic impact, sports must be commercialized to create shared value. AASFP partners with Memorigin, who has worked with numerous athletes, to launch the AASFP Tourbillon. This is to commemorate the contributions of the academy in the past 30 years and to symbolize a new beginning in its future business development.

Memorigin’s Founder & CEO William Shum and the sports PR of AASFP Gordon Yau attended the Industrialization of Sports & Fitness Summit 2021 on 30th December last year. They shared with more than a hundred personnel in the sports-related industry how brand crossovers had promoted sports development and explored viable support measures for athletes and physical trainers to transform through multiple career pathways.


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