Directed by Ng Yuen Fai, the highly-anticipated science fiction action film Warriors of Future is produced by and stars the megastar Louis Koo. The main cast includes Sean Lau and Carina Lau, co-starring with Philip Keung and Tse Kwan Ho. Nick Cheung also made a guest appearance. As this is the largest-scale Hong Kong sci-fi movie ever made, Koo hopes to prove that Hong Kong’s CGI technology in filmmaking has reached international standards. By further unlocking the vast potential of the local film industry, more film categories will be available to global audiences. Koo has been dedicated to supporting industry development. The success and professionalism of his production label, One Cool Film Production, can also be seen in the box office grossing and the received recognitions. The Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin shares the same vision as it has been reviving the local watch industry while helping traditional watch craftsmanship embrace the future. It marks the start of the collaboration between the two pioneers: the Exosuit of “Warriors of Future” tourbillon. The collection includes two watches, the Type 26 Class Exosuit blue version and the Type 39 Class Exosuit red version, each limited to 100pieces worldwide. They represent an innovative revolution in Hong Kong along with the debut of the long-awaited sci-fi epic.

The Exosuit of “Warriors of Future” tourbillon echoes the movie with three elements. The dial features a metal relief of the Exosuit’s helmet at the twelve o’clock position. Exosuit is the powered armor that the two main characters Tyler (Louis Koo) and Johnson Cheng (Sean Lau) wore when they were on missions. The helmet is made up of over 200 components. Blue sapphires and rubies are set on the relief to resemble the light emitted from their eyes after the two characters put on the exosuits. There is an embossed letter “B16” at the nine o'clock position on the dial. In the movie, “B16” is one of the few remaining areas in which humans live but under the attack of a fast-growing alien vine named “Pandora”. A logo for Area B16's army aviation unit can be seen at three o'clock. Tyler and Johnson are the General and the Commander of the B16 Air Force respectively. While the watch case, crown, and strap are made of PVD-black-coated stainless steel, the black skeleton dial is mechanically engraved with intricate patterns on the exosuit. Every detail has been incredibly incorporated into the timepiece.

The watch is equipped with a manual-winding tourbillon movement which has 193 subassembly modules and 27 jewels, providing 80 hours of power reserve. The tourbillon at the six o’clock position oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour. The complex mechanical operation has enhanced the visual pleasure of watching the tourbillon in motion.

Memorigin’s Founder William Shum expressed his excitement for this collaboration. “The brand has worked with numerous international IPs over the years, including the Avengers, Transformers, Star Wars, and Gundam etc. to design themed watches. Collaborating with a Hong Kong IP is especially meaning as I can show my support to the local creations.” The helmet of the exosuit in the film consists more than 200 pieces of components, while the Exosuit of “Warriors of Future” tourbillon has a tourbillon movement made up of 193 subassembly modules and 27 jewels. They are both delicate pieces of art.

“It is encouraging to see that Hong Kong's CG technology reaches international levels with Warriors of Future. I recalled how my brand started. I hoped to create a platform for local talents to turn their creative ideas and watchmaking skills into physical watches, and someday the world would recognize Hong Kong brands,” said William. In support of the film Warriors of Future, Memorigin has sponsored an advertising billboard outside the busiest Hong Kong Cross Harbour Tunnel.


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