Memorigin’ Founder William Shum was invited by the hosts Ricky Fan and Russell Cheung to share his entrepreneurial experience in Metro Radio’s programme BiLiBaLa. He quit his job at an investment bank in 2010 and sold watches for other brands at the beginning to earn his startup capital. He accumulated about 50 thousand dollars and produced Memorigin’s first batch of tourbillon watches. He brought his products to different watch retailers and jewelers for listing in stores. His persistence eventually helped him to sell all his watches.

William recalled the unforgettable memories in his 11-year entrepreneurial journey. He hoped to bring positivity to society and to show the diversity of Hong Kong to the world. Apart from creating products with the Chinese cultural elements such as the zodiac signs and the oriental wood-carving craftsmanship, the brand also worked with different intellectual properties like Batman, Superman, and Star War to enhance brand awareness in foreign countries. Memorigin has been well-carried by local celebrities. It has collaborated with various artists and athletes to promote the renowned Hong Kong spirit.

Furthermore, William introduced the Flower of Life tourbillon watch co-designed lately by Memorigin and the fortune-teller Tasha Tse. The design inspiration came from the sacred geometric symbol, Flower of Life. It is an ancient Egyptian totem referring to the secret power of the universe and the cycle of creation. With rose-gold as the main color tone, the timepiece can enhance luck because gold in the Chinese five elements possesses a strong positive magnetic field.

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