Chess is deeply engrained in Chinese culture, among which the Chinese Chess is regarded as one of the world’s three major chess games, a skill which ancient scholars and officials must possess. It is not only pure entertainment to play chess, but it also helps us understand history and cultural values. The Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin, which devotes itself to promoting oriental characteristics, collaborated with the CChess master Jet Chou on the Chinese Chess tourbillon watch, a timepiece infused with Chess tactics and moral virtues.

As the saying goes, life is like a game of chess. Jet Chou understands this better than anyone else. In his rebellious childhood, chess turned out to be a way for him to change his destiny. The act of playing chess improves willpower and cultivates emotional intelligence. Neither winning nor losing is as important as having a good attitude and strong mentality. Chess is a game full of variables, and while every move needs to be carefully considered, losses and gains are sometimes inevitable. Don’t take losses as failures but learn from the mistakes. This is how we take the game to the next level!

The watch comes with a barrel-shaped stainless steel case which encloses plenty of Chinese Chess elements. The rectangular 9x10 board and two pieces are embossed on the skeleton dial that offers a glimpse of the flying tourbillon movement beneath. Jet has paid much attention to detail. To present the Chinese characters of the Generals carved on the pieces, he studied the works of several great Chinese calligraphers and selected the regular script. In imitation of the pieces on the red and black sides, rubies and black diamonds serve as hour markers. The alligator strap is also in red and black colors. The tourbillon at 6 o'clock illustrates Memorigin's integration of Western watchmaking craftsmanship with oriental culture games. The balance is calibrated to 28,800 oscillations per hour, providing a 40-hour power reserve and a stable time-telling function.

About Jet Chou
The chess master Jet Chou was awarded The Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2020. In 2005 he played in the National Chinese Chess Tournament with the Hong Kong team and won the championship. Since then, he has won many recognitions in the field, including the champion of the 50th China Chess Masters Invitational Tournament of Bank of China Hong Kong in 2007, the bronze medal of the World Mind Sports Games in 2008, the champion of the 2007 and 2013 Hong Kong Chinese Chess Individual Tournament, and the champion of the 2019 Tencent Chinese Chess Contest etc. He received the honor of “International Chess Master”. Jet has spared no effort in promoting chess over the years. He has extensive experience in teaching Chinese chess. His students have also represented Hong Kong in international competitions.

About Chinese Chess
Retail Price: HKD $38,800

Model No.
MO 1229

Barrel-shaped stainless-steel case
Watch size: approx. 45 x 41mm
Watch thickness: approx. 12.8mm
Both sides sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 5ATM

Flying tourbillon
155 pieces of subassembly module and 18 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 oscillations/ hour

40-hour power reserve
The tourbillon located at 6 o'clock rotates at a speed of 60s for one circle
Manual winding mechanism

Chinese-chess-themed skeleton dial
Rubies and black diamonds as hour markers
Red luminous hands

Alligator strap


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