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QiQi Collection – The Spring Of Vienna

Qiqi was grown up in Vienna, she always remembers she and her family would go to the forest to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Therefore, she uses fairy tale happens in the Vienna forest as the design concept. On the skeleton dial, there is a little girl walking in the “forest wonderland”, not only she...

Poem Series

To commemorate the 85th anniversary of the death of Mr. Xu Zhimo, Steven, Ma Chun Wai, who has always been passionate about performing arts and Chinese culture, spent more than seven months and successfully created a stage play based on Xu Zhimo's story - " By Chance - Xu Zhimo” and brought to the s...

Love And Life

In our life journey, the father is always the one that walks at the front and protects his family. The son who witnesses how his father acts as his lifelong leader in his growth is often empowered, and tends to assert loving leadership toward responsible, competent adulthood. He would hope to become...

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