The artist Cheung Tat Ming worked with the Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin to launch the Perform for Life tourbillon watch. The product launch event was held at one of the world’s preeminent timepiece, the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2021. Anita Chui, Jocelyn Choi, Lydia Tong, Isabella Kau, and many more got together to turn it into a star-studded event. Others of Cheung’s famous friends, including actress Yvonne Yung, Lawrence Cheng, Strawberry Yeung, Chinese actor Liao Jian, and Tse Chiu Yan, appeared in videos to send him congratulations.

Memorigin’s Founder and CEO, William Shum, considered himself a fan of Cheung as he had watched Cheung’s comedies since young. Cheung was introduced to him by friends and he was impressed by Cheung’s strong passion for design, leading to this collaboration project. Cheung said he had a strong desire to create. Apart from performing on stage and writing plays, he would devote his time to art appreciation. He studied sketching at Yale University in the United States and learned the connoisseurship of ancient jade at the Hong Kong Institute of Gemology.

When talking about the inspiration for the watch design, Cheung shared his original plan of placing the raptors - his iconic ‘animalization’ performances on the dial. As the outcome was not as expected, he merged two favorite elements - ‘drama’ and ‘art’ with the concept of time and created the Perform for Life tourbillon watch.

Through the delicate embossing techniques, a man who wears a trilby is depicted on the dial abstractly. To express the concept of the ups and downs in a dramatic life, there is a smiley face and a crying face on the minute and hour hand respectively. When either arrives at the 12 o’clock position, the mask will cover up the face of the man, bringing various emotions. ‘Working on creation and my favorite performing arts brings me happiness. The sorrow must be the diagnosis of cancer when my acting career was on an upward trajectory. Thanks to my doctors and the medical staff for their care, I am now cancer-free and healthy,’ he continued. He purposely placed the smiley face on the minute hand. It would reach the 12 o’clock position 22 times a day, while the cry face would only reach it twice. Hopes are always there and living a happier life is within reach.

To make this collaboration more meaningful, Cheung Tat Ming and Memorigin will donate a part of the proceeds in the project to organizations that help cancer patients, giving them medical, rehabilitation, and financial assistance. It also encourages them to face the illness with a never-give-up attitude. The watch is equipped with a tourbillon movement with 40 hours of power reserve and a vibration frequency of 28,800 oscillations per hour, generating energy as well as positivity. During the event, William gifted the Perform for Life tourbillon watch to Cheung, who couldn’t wait to wear the watch.


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