The 17th Asian Film Awards were successfully held on March 10, 2024. This year, the Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin specially created the Asian Film Awards Tourbillon watch for this grand event and presented it to this year's Chairman of the Jury, the renowned Japanese director, Mr. Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Mr. William Shum Wai Lam, the founder, and CEO of Memorigin, personally represented the brand at the event to present this watch to Mr. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, expressing gratitude and recognition for his contributions to the film industry.

Movies and watches share a common thread—they are both crafted with meticulous care as "masterpieces." From directors to watchmakers, we see the same dedication to detail, pursuit of excellence, and craftsmanship. Therefore, this specially crafted Asian Film Awards Tourbillon by Memorigin serves as a perfect tribute and expression of gratitude to the unsung heroes behind the scenes of the film industry.

The Asian Film Awards tourbillon watch features a rose gold tone as its primary color, complemented by a fully skeletonized design that showcases the precise workings of the tourbillon movement. At the 3 o'clock position, the watch features the Asian Film Awards logo as a decorative pattern, while the 9 o'clock position incorporates a power reserve display function. The large diameter window at the 6 o'clock position vividly displays the elegant demeanor of the tourbillon.

With 193 components and 27 jewels assembled into the movement, each part has been meticulously polished, presenting a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Additionally, the brand has sincerely engraved "Kiyoshi Kurosawa" on the movement, making it a unique gift for the Chairman of the Jury of the 17th Asian Film Awards.


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