The awards ceremony for the 6th China Blue Light Cup · Zhang Zhou Watch Design Competition was grandly held on December 20th. To enhance the international recognition of the event, attract more design enthusiasts to participate, and promote international exchange within the watch industry, the award-winning works from past years were also displayed at the venue.

The 2019 Grand Prize-winning 'The Harmony of Dragon and Phoenix Series' Tourbillon watch, the Silver Prize-winning 'LOVE LOVE COLLECTION - Family' Tourbillon watch, and the 2021 Silver Prize-winning 'The Six Steeds in the Tang Dynasty' Tourbillon watch were also showcased for watch enthusiasts to appreciate.

The dial of 'The Harmony of Dragon and Phoenix' series tourbillon watch features a background representing heaven and earth. Crafted with reference to the intricate court carvings from the late Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty, a vivid 18K gold three-dimensional dragon emerges from underwater. At the center of the dial, a realistically carved phoenix takes off into the sky, outlining a peaceful scene. The phoenix is engraved on a layer positioned 0.5mm above the dial, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship. At the 8 o'clock position, the brand employs highly precise techniques to hollow out Japanese Akoya pearls and embeds them with several of the world's most powerful illuminating tritium gas (H₃) tubes. In a space with a diameter of only 5 millimeters, nine components are carefully arranged, allowing the pearls ('内丹') to emit a radiant glow in the pitch-black darkness, reenacting the legendary scene of the dragon spouting pearls ('龙吐珠').

To better showcase the "Harmony of Dragon and Phoenix," Memorigin, always eager to take on challenges, has specifically developed a dedicated automatic tourbillon movement for the Harmony of Dragon and Phoenix series. Without compromising the functionality of the tourbillon, the number of components has been minimized, enabling the wave-patterned hollow surface to convey a greater sense of space and create an illusion of soaring through the clouds.

The LOVE LOVE COLLECTION - Family, inspired by China's national treasure, the panda, features three pandas made of black and white diamonds on the dial. The dial showcases Memorigin's exceptional skeleton carving technique, depicting a dense bamboo forest, allowing the pandas to leisurely enjoy the pleasures of nature. At the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions, there are decorations of peony flowers and butterflies crafted from mother-of-pearl, while a heart-shaped design at 12 o'clock enhances the watch's sense of layering. The watch deliberately adopts a camellia blossom-shaped case to showcase an oriental characteristic alongside the pandas. The watch case is adorned with a circle of red diamonds and a circle of white diamonds, complemented by vibrant red hands and an alligator strap, exuding elegance and luxury.

The Six Steeds in the Tang Dynasty Tourbillon watch is Memorigin’s first automatic winding timepiece featuring a central tourbillon with free-sprung balances. With a case diameter of 42 millimeters, the brand has applied micro-carving and micro-painting techniques to intricately depict China's eight famous sacred mountains on the silver dial. Additionally, two of China's major rivers, the 'Yangtze River' and the 'Yellow River,' are showcased with luminescent features, presenting the picturesque landscapes of China.

To commemorate the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, the design integrates prominent historical, astronomical, and artistic elements from that era. The time indices are crafted in reference to the renowned bas-relief stone carving 'Six Steeds of Zhao Mausoleum' in Shaanxi, showcasing four intricately detailed 18K gold three-dimensional steeds, each measuring 7mm in length and 5mm in height. The craftsmanship is truly exceptional. The hands draw inspiration from the meridian line determined by the astronomer-monk Yi Xing, highlighting the civilization and splendor of the Chinese nation.


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