The Hong Kong table tennis mixed doubles pair, Wong Chun Ting and Doo Hoi Kem, who have secured third place at the World Table Tennis Championships three times, have been invited by the founder of Memorigin, William Shum, to collaborate in launching the Table Tennis Tourbillon watch, commemorating their tenth anniversary of collaboration this year. The brand arranged a photoshoot for the two athletes, capturing them in both sportswear and casual attire to showcase their diverse styles. When asked to strike various poses, Doo Hoi Kem jokingly remarked that it's more challenging than playing table tennis. Wong Chun Ting, standing beside her, smiled and advised, "You need more warm-up exercises.

William expressed his excitement about collaborating with Hong Kong's strongest mixed doubles team to launch a tourbillon watch. He mentioned his passion for table tennis since childhood and jokingly expressed eagerness to learn tips from the two table tennis athletes, even arranging to play table tennis together in their free time. While laughing, William shared an anecdote, saying, 'There was a time when I organized a table tennis game with friends, and Wong Chun Ting joined us. Remarkably, he successfully defeated us even when using his left hand. My table tennis skills may be at a beginner stage in their presence; regardless of skill level, everyone enjoys and has fun.' Wong Chun Ting and Doo Hoi Kem, standing nearby, immediately contradicted William's modesty, praising his considerable skill in table tennis.

With the launch of the Table Tennis-themed tourbillon, both Wong Chun Ting and Doo Hoi Kem expressed great honor. As this year marks the tenth anniversary of their collaboration, the watch serves as a commemoration of this precious moment. They are grateful and have expressed their appreciation for the increasing support from the business community and the public towards table tennis, emphasizing that it has been the driving force behind their efforts to achieve good results. Additionally, they hope to promote this beneficial sport to the public through various channels.

In terms of the watch design, the skeleton dial of the Table Tennis Tourbillon watch is intricately crafted with overlapping patterns resembling the lines of multiple table tennis rackets, incorporating simulated rubber press patterns as embellishments. This showcases meticulous design concepts. Wearers can appreciate the precise operation of the tourbillon movement through the hollowed dial. The movement components of the tourbillon watch must cooperate with each other for accurate timekeeping, mirroring the teamwork required in the mixed doubles event and highlighting the need for synergy among teammates to achieve success.

In terms of the hands, the hour hand features an orange table tennis ball pattern, echoing the table tennis racket on the dial. As time goes by, it creates the effect of hitting a table tennis ball, adding a playful element to the watch. Additionally, there are 11 luminous circular time markers on the dial, emitting a glow in the darkness.

The watch is equipped with a tourbillon movement composed of 155 pieces of subassembly module and 18 jewels, featuring a 40-hour power reserve, and operating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The watch is available with either a silver-white or PVD black barrel-shaped stainless steel case, complemented by a white or black alligator strap, catering to the diverse tastes of wearers.


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