Memorigin has always supported the development and preservation of Chinese culture. The company is proud to sponsor Cantonese opera "Classic Excerpts" Part 2, produced by veteran media professional and Cantonese opera producer Miss Pang Mei Shi, thereby wholeheartedly promoting Cantonese opera culture.

Miss Pang Mei Shi attended the press conference alongside Memorigin's founder and CEO, William Shum Wai Lam, and a cast of key actors, including Wu Qian Feng, Leung Siu Ming, Wang Zhi Liang, Leung Yin Fei, Leung Fei Tong, Liu Guo Sen, Leung Wai Hong, Chen Jian Tong, and Huang Ke Rou. During the event, William mentioned that a portion of the tickets would be distributed to underprivileged families and children in the Wong Tai Sin District through the Wong Tai Sin District Child and Adolescent Development Fund (WTSCAD Fund). The initiative aims to provide young children with the opportunity to experience and appreciate Chinese culture by attending the event, fostering their interest in Chinese culture and Cantonese opera from a young age.


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