Memorigin has been presenting the essence of “East meets West” through delicate tourbillon designs, superb embossing techniques, and exquisite skeleton watch craftsmanship. These have become unique characteristics of the brand’s watches appreciated by watch lovers. With its 11th year behind it, Memorigin continues to push its product design to new heights. Unlike the previous watches with designs emphasizing a highly impressive feat of watchmaking, the latest tourbillon watches Genesis Series bring back the trend of fumé dials with a minimalist design and three intriguing color options: forest green, ocean blue, and earthy brown.

The Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, refers to the creation of the world. The word “Genesis” is transliterated from Greek Γένεσις, meaning “origin”. Memorigin wishes to manifest its vision by naming the watch series “Genesis”. The brand will stick to its mission in the torrent of time and continue to create tourbillon watches that bring endless surprises to watch lovers.

The Genesis Series embodies the “Back to the Basic” theme and features a smoky dial with a sunburst pattern and a gradient color effect. Its signature fumé dial goes from the shade of forest green, ocean blue, or earthy brown, to near-black at the edges. As light reflects, the ever-shifting colors and the shadowy gradients are bringing the watch dial alive. With only the metallic dotted hour markers on the chapter ring, the watch has expressed modernistic simplicity at its best. It can be finished off with either a classic alligator strap or a suede leather strap. The gender-neutral design has made it perfect for anyone who wants a versatile timepiece that complements anything in their closet.


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