The artist Adam Pak and his manager Carmen Cheng visited the headquarters of the Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand Memorigin. The Founder William Shum gave them a tour and introduced his father’s antique collectibles. Growing up in Australia, Adam majored in Art and Design when he was in university. He also had an internship at a renowned design firm in Amsterdam. Adam shared some drafts of the furniture he designed before, one of which is a dining table in the shape of a bus. The front is the child seat and the chair legs are wheel-like. His talent amazed William so they decided to start a collaboration project on watch design.

Adam expressed his enthusiasm for design and his excitement about working on a new creation again. He even spent a month and a half researching and prepared five directions to discuss with Memorigin.

When asked about whether he had a habit of collecting watches, Adam replied that he owned over 10 watches that matched different outfits. William hoped to establish a long-term partnership that would allow Adam to leverage his talent and design watches that fit various styles. ‘He is undeniably handsome, but his professionalism and earnestness should deserve greater respect. He brought over 50 pages of research to discuss with the team. He definitely took our collaboration seriously. I am confident that this project will succeed,’ William commented.


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