The NBA All-Star player LaMelo Ball is currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets, after embarking on his NBA career in 2020. In just two years, he has clinched numerous awards: ESPY’s Breakthrough Athlete of the Year, NBA Rookie of the Year, and NBA All-Rookie Team. He is also the 4th-youngest player to appear in the All-Star Game, earning him widespread attention as an elite young star.

NBA stars have always been looked to as more than just athletes, but instead as fashion faces that drive global trends forward. LaMelo Ball, who has always been passionate about fashion, launched his own designer lifestyle clothing brand LaFrance last year, and this year, he is adding another accolade to his resume by launching an international collaboration with Memorigin, a Hong Kong-based tourbillon watch brand, with the creation of a new high-end watch brand "Melofaith".

Melofaith introduces its first high-end fashion item - the "RARE Tourbillon", designed in complete LaMelo Ball style. Using a strong fiery red as the primary color, the watch features a unique tonneau-shaped case and a stylish red camouflage rubber strap, breaking the tourbillon’s traditional notion of polished, genteel elegance.

The skeleton dial is presented in street graffiti style and features numerous symbols of LaMelo Ball, including his first tattoo - the word "FEAR" and "GOD" on his wrist at the age of 16 - as well as a doodle of his name "Melo". There is also a silhouette of LaMelo Ball in profile and the “number 1 with wings” symbolizing him as the "Golden Child".

The watch is available in two versions, the regular version with a more subdued PVD tonneau-shaped steel case in black and the diamond version with a tonneau-shaped steel case inlaid with 226 diamonds, making it a dazzling timepiece that suits different people. The watch is equipped with a hand-wound tourbillon movement with a 40-hour power reserve and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The word "MELOFAITH" is engraved on the tourbillon, which makes the watch stand out without compromising its stability.

The brand, named "Melofaith", is coined from LaMelo Ball's religious beliefs - his faith is his source of strength, inspiring him to face the challenges of every game with determination and perseverance. LaMelo Ball hopes to share his philosophy with fans through the creation of his brand. With religion being his spiritual pillar, faith and confidence are two indispensable elements that have allowed him to develop into an outstanding athlete.

Memorigin’s Founder & CEO William Shum and LaMelo Ball take this international collaboration seriously. LaMelo Ball squeezed a few hours from his hectic schedule in the photoshoot. His beautiful red Ferrari was showcased to match his watches and outfit. William hired a professional photographer in the United States to take awesome pictures of LaMelo Ball and invested much in marketing, including advertising on a billboard outside the busiest Cross-Harbor Tunnel in Hong Kong and generating media exposure. He also planned to promote it through television advertising.

“We appreciate LaMelo’s dedication and trust. Although I was unable to meet with LaMelo Ball and his team in person in the US due to the pandemic, thanks to today's advanced technology, we were able to communicate via virtual calls. He has given us a lot of comments on how to create a watch that fits his personal style. We also sent him blessings on his birthday,” said William.


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