Maintenance and Recommendations for use


Your MEMORIGIN watch has been developed and produced entirely by MEMORIGIN. In order to ensure that the watch functions properly, MEMORIGIN advises you to carry out maintenance every three to five years by an authorized service center. Checking your MEMORIGIN watch regularly every 3 to 5 years helps to preserve its precision and performance.

For warranty service, Memorigin provides two year free repair service from the date of purchase**. To extend one year of free warranty service, customers should register online in Memorigin official website for the warranty extension. The damage of accessories such as watch case and strap are excluded in the warranty service.

** Customer should provide these documents for approval:
1) The invoice issued by the retailer authorized by Memorigin,
2) and the warranty card with issue date.
Customer who cannot provide these documents required, Memorigin has the right charge the fee for checking or repairing.

This warranty covers only the repair of the damaged Memorigin tourbillon watch under correct usage (by the judgment of Memorigin's watch master). For any misuse, negligence (such as crashing, wetting), or modification, repair and handle of the movement by non-Memorigin’s technician, the warranty is null and void in these situations*.

Recommendations for use

Avoid wearing the watch when playing sports that could have a “violent” vibration on the movement (i.e. golf, tennis)

The power of the tourbillion watch is driven by the mainspring barrel. It is highly recommended to wind your watch regularly. (i.e. if you wind your watch today at 10a.m., then it will be the best for you to wind your tourbillon at 10a.m. the next day.) To wind your watch, use your thumb to turn the crown in clockwise direction. Do not use excessive force to wind your watch fully, because it may break your mainspring barrel and cause unnecessary damage.

Before any contact with water, make sure that the crown has been pressed in fully against the case. Do not use the push buttons when the watch is immersed in water

Keep the watch away from all sources of heat and electro-magnetic fields of all kinds.

Keep the watch away from high temperature or environment with corrosive gases. Human sweat and perfume are the most common types of corrosive catalyst and need to be removed by soft fabric cloth (e.g. silk) immediately.

*Memorigin Watch Company Limited reserves all the right to make the final decision.

About Warranty:

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