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About Us

About us

Memorigin is the first Hong Kong brand which only produces tourbillon. The marvelous oriental sculpture merging with western top art of watchmaking creates a tourbillon watch which has strong Hong Kong cultural character and is a blend of oriental and western cultures. Memorigin uses its in-house movement with its production process strictly controlled so that craftsmanship and quality are sanctioned by international professionals. All Memorigin watches are used with high quality materials from different countries; it has been arranged meticulously from a small part to the complete watch.

Memorigin tourbillon watches are designed by Hong Kong top designers and collectors with innovative concepts. Besides the traditional elegant style, it also adds cultural elements into the design, leading the oriental art to be international. In additions, Memorigin aims to bring our customers the eternal flow of happiness and sweet memories and so we provide the unique word carving service: words can be engraved on the movement and can be preserved forever that the watch becomes unique and memorable.


There is a famous watch repair center in Osaka named as Watch Repair Master. It has chosen Memorigin tourbillons as its strict quality control testing analysis. It tests the tourbillon in 6 different angles: left, right, up, down, face up and face down and the water proof test as well. Moreover, it is done by the highest level watch master, Mr. Ogawa Satoshi Yukari, in Japan. The result is astonishing that the time accuracy and water proof test reach the world class excellence level. Because of this test, Memorigin surprises the whole Japan Watch market by it high quality to price ratio and it helps Memorigin to penetrate into Japan market successfully.

The invention of tourbillon

In the mid-19th century, wrist watches were not popular and people used to read time by pocket watches. Since pocket watches were put vertically inside the pocket or tied on the waist; the time accuracy was affected by the gravitational force impacting on the balance wheel of the pocket watch. In order to tackle this problem, in 1795 the French-Swiss watchmaker, Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet, invented the mechanism of tourbillon. Tourbillon is a device which spiral, pallet fork and the escapement were worked on the same axis, and rotating 360 degrees, so as to reduce the time difference error caused by gravity

Due to the extreme complication of mechanism and assembly of tourbillon watch, it becomes a symbol of “the beauty of art”. Each tourbillon watch is assembled by over hundred pieces of tiny components that there are only few watch factories in the world that can produce tourbillon movements; at the same time the watch masters who acquire tourbillon assemble skill are rare. So tourbillon watch is regarded as one of the top three most sophisticated functions in the world of mechanical watches. All in all, “tourbillon” represents the meaning of “collection value” and “the taste of prestige”.

Memorigin's Tourbillon