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Proper Care of your Tourbillon

Instruction for Use

Caring for your timepiece means you need to use it properly. All mechanical watches are powered by the mainspring, which requires winding, to release tension that will generate energy for the watch to work. To enjoy a more comprehensive experience with your watch, you should learn to set up different functions.

Setting the time

To set the time in advance on the Tourbillon, pull the crown out by one click. If the watch is equipped with the day-and-night indicator function, please first confirm whether it is AM or PM that day, followed by adjusting the crown clockwise or anti-clockwise. When all the hands match with the standard time, push the crown back to the original position.

Manual-winding watches

To wind your watch, turn the crown upwards with your thumb (no need to pull it out). When the crown is turned clockwise, the hands of the energy reserve indicate that the watch is gradually increasing in power. Do not use excessive force to fully wind your watch, because it may break your mainspring barrel and cause unnecessary damage. The fully-wound watch may become less precise gradually after 24 hours. Therefore, it is highly recommended to cultivate a habit of winding your watch regularly at a specific time of day.

Automatic-winding watches

An automatic mechanical watch accumulates the energy generated by the wearer's daily activities, hence your wrist movements can cause the rotor component in the watch to spin and wind the mainspring. If you do not wear the watch often, please put it back into the Memorigin customized mechanical watch case in which the watch would be automatically wound to keep it powered.

Memorigin watch buckles

Press the buttons on both sides of the buckle to snap it open. Pull the exterior part of the tang so that it releases and allows you to run the other end of the strap through the buckle. Put the pin into the corresponding hole on the strap to size it perfectly to your wrist. Simply snap the tang shut to turn the watch into a loop. To wear the watch, fold over the non-buckle size and snap that down until you hear a "click". To take off the watch, press the buttons on both sides of the buckle, and the buckle will loosen.

Power reserve

The power reserve display shows how much energy is left in the watch. It varies from 40 to 80 hours according to the movement installed. When the hands gradually approach the red position, it indicates that you need to wind your watch.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

GMT functions allow you to set an additional time zone on your watch. To adjust the hands of the GMT window, pull the crown out by one click and turn it clockwise to adjust to the correct GMT time zone. After setting the target time, turn it anti-clockwise to adjust the local time (center hour and minute hands). Push the crown back to its original position when finished.

24-hour display/ Day-and-night indicator

The day-and-night indicator is as it literally means, telling you which half of the day it corresponds to. Setting either the day-and-night indicator or the 24-hour display is the same as setting the time - simply pull out the crown and turn the crown clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the hands at the same time.

General Care

The more loving care and attention you give your watch, the less frequent malfunction occurs. Not only would it help your watch last as long as possible, but it also saves you from the trouble of repairing your watch.

  • Avoid wearing the watch when playing vigorous sports that could possibly lead to a “violent” vibration on the movement or contact with hard objects.
  • Due to the limited water resistance, please do not immerse the watch in water or allow it to be in touch with steam. Do not wear it while swimming or bathing, or operate the handle under water.
  • Keep the watch away from equipment with strong magnetic fields e.g. TVs, stereos or electro-magnetic health equipment or industrial machinery.
  • Keep the watch away from high temperature or environment with corrosive gases. Human sweat and perfume are the most common types of corrosive catalyst and need to be removed by soft fabric cloth immediately.

Warranty and Maintenance

An international warranty covers your watch for any manufacturing defects over a 24-month period, taking into effect on the purchase date. The warranty can be extended for an extra 12 months upon registering your watch on Extend your Warranty.

Each Memorigin watch comes with a highly-complicated tourbillon movement wholly developed by the brand. In order to keep the proper functioning and water-resistance of your watch, we advise you to carry out a complete check-up for your watch every 3 to 5 years at an authorized service center to help maintain the top precision and operation of your watch.

For more information on the international warranty service, please refer to our Warranty Policy. You can find the location of our authorized service centers on Worldwide Stores. For any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

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