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KuTour - Typhoon & Tweed

In the watch market, you can always find a timepiece for men to wear. However, for ladies, it is not the same story. In majority, most of the brands aim to attract the male customers through the complicated machinery, delicate design and fine craftsmanship. In addition, the accuracy, the total numbe...

Lady Series (Mother of pearl / Skeleton)

All women are beautiful. Each stage of a woman’s life has its own beauty. Memorigin, the Hong Kong's tourbillon watch brand, presents the lady series that uses different styles of ladies’ beauty as design elements. It includes the simple style for independent ladies, gentle design for office ladies,...

Zodiac Series - Snake

In Chinese history, the image of snake was once regarded as “small dragon”. The unexplained trace of snake leaves a mysterious impression to us. Although the mystery embraces the image of snake, it also represents the essence of Chinese culture. For example, it can be signified as luck, longevity an...

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