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Jadeite Art Collection

As a symbol of femininity, fine jewelry can bring out the best in a woman's features and personality. Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin and the jewelry brand Karen Suen Fine Jewellery integrate exquisite watch craftsmanship with premium-quality fine jewelry, turning a timepiece into a luxurious f...

So Wa Wai Series

The moving story of the former Paralympic gold medalist So Wa Wai and his mother So Hon Siu Ching was turned into an inspirational biopic, raising public awareness of the hardship endured by athletes with disabilities. Despite the fact that Wai was born with haemolytic jaundice, he overcame the stru...

Lustre Tourbillon Watch

Ms. Hui Chan Hiu Wan, Janice was a student of Lam Wu Fui, a renowned painter of the Lingnan School. She placed her art work onto the dial of the Lustre tourbillon watch. ...


As an old-time saying of the Chinese goes, “Painting was a ‘silent poetry’ and poetry was a ‘painting with sound’”. The symbiotic relationship between painting and poetry has been significant in Chinese culture for thousands of years. The earliest form of Chinese painting could be seen on silk in th...

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