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Auspicious Plus Series

Xiangyun (祥雲) is a colorful cloud that Chinese gods use as a vehicle. In Chinese culture, it has a meaning of hope and blessing, and is also a sign of auspiciousness. Ancient Chinese often engraved the pattern of auspicious clouds on costumes, jade carvings, and sculptures to imply good fortune. Mem...

Everlasting Series

"Eternity" means the everlasting spirits and the perpetual world. It symbolizes people's anticipations for life and the world. Many ancient Chinese emperors such as Emperor Qin Shihuang, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and Emperor Taizhong of Tang Dynasty etc. spent their whole life in pursuing immor...

Travelers Series

Time flies, and it is like a wanderer who always drifts in different corners of the world, bringing different time zones. Memorigin, the Hong Kong's Tourbillon watch brand, launched a limited edition of Travelers Series tourbillon watch in December 2010. It has marked a major milestone for the brand...

Zodiac Series - Horse

The image of horse has always been described as energetic and speedy. When the saddle and bridle are equipped on a horse, this mean it is ready to the battlefield, it helps human to walk over thousand miles. In Chinese culture and arts, horse is always selected as the theme among the most of printin...

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