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As an old-time saying of the Chinese goes, “Painting was a ‘silent poetry’ and poetry was a ‘painting with sound’”. The symbiotic relationship between painting and poetry has been significant in Chinese culture for thousands of years. The earliest form of Chinese painting could be seen on silk in th...

Linah Matsuoka loves the tourbillon series of Memorigin

Memorigin believes the tourbillon watch not only is a favourite item of men but also suitable for women! William Shum, our founder and CEO, invited Hong Kong's famous model Linah Matsuoka @linahxoxo to visit Memorigin showroom, aiming to explore the female tourbillon watch market by knowing more ab...

Memorigin Announces Collaboration with So Wa Wai and Hong Siu Ching

Memorigin’s Founder William Shum invited Paralympic champion sprinter So Wa Wai, also known as Wonder Boy, and his mother Hon Siu Ching to collaborate on tourbillon watches. They recently visited Memorigin’s showroom and were amazed by the antique wood carvings and music boxes. After that, they disc...

Chinese Chess Tourbillon Watch

Chess is deeply engrained in Chinese culture, among which the Chinese Chess is regarded as one of the world’s three major chess games, a skill which ancient scholars and officials must possess. It is not only pure entertainment to play chess, but it also helps us understand history and cultural valu...

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