The Tourbillon is one of the world’s top three most sophisticated mechanical watches. No more than 30 watch manufacturers in the world possess this technology. To manufacture one tourbillon, it takes a combined effort of 30 watchmakers on average and undergoes 2,000 procedures, and a total of 18 different metal materials to build up. In general, it takes 6 months to produce a tourbillon watch from scratch, but thanks to a mature production line, it takes only 2-3 months for Memorigin to produce a current watch model.

Memorigin has an independent research and development, and manufacturing plant for all kinds of cores. Established in 1972, the factory has accumulated rich and extensive experience in over the years, resulting in highly efficient production capacity and stable quality. The entire factory and office area covers more than 40,000 square meters and is one of the largest tourbillon manufacturers in the world.

The factory has achieved the following accolades:
  • No. 1 in the national quality assessment of mechanical watches
  • Regarded as national prioritized production unit
  • Named as national "High-tech Enterprise"
  • The country's first watch factory to realize mass production of tourbillon
  • The only watch factory in China that has not stopped production for a day
  • Successfully developed an automatic mechanical watch movement with 7000-type long-pow er and high-vibration frequency. Ability to last for more than 80H in a single winding operation
  • Top quality certificate issued by the authoritative Japan watch testing center
Recognitions in quality
Memorigin had a rigorous quality test of its tourbillons by the world’s top Watch Repair Professional at the renowned Osaka watch testing center - Watch Repair Master. The test consists of a time accuracy test of six directions (left, right, up, down, face up and face down) and a waterproof test. The result was astounding as both the time accuracy and water-proof test reached a level of excellence by world-class standard.

We were awarded the top-quality certificate (daily error of less than 10 seconds) by the prestigious Japanese watch certification institute, which is equivalent to the technical certification of the Swiss chronometer. Since then, Memorigin has become well known in the Japanese watch industry due to its value for money, ultimately contributing to Memorigin’s success in the Japan market.

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