LaMelo LaFrance Ball, the current NBA rookie star playing for Charlotte Hornets, has clinched titles including the JBA All-Star, JBA Champion, NBL Rookie of the Year, NBA All-Rookie Team, and NBA Rookie of the Year within 3 years since the start of his professional basketball career. At just 19 years old, his early success has made him a rising star in the ball game.

Off the court, NBA stars are looked to as more than just athletes, but instead as fashion faces which drive global trends forward. LaMelo Ball, who has always been passionate about fashion, launched his own designer lifestyle clothing brand LaFrance last year, and this year, he is adding another accolade to his resume by launching an international collaboration with Memorigin, a Hong Kong-based tourbillon watch brand, with the creation of a new high-end watch brand "Melofaith". Today, LaMelo Ball announced the collaboration with Memorigin on his social media platforms, immediately arousing heated discussions among fans worldwide. To tap into the youth market, the first-time watch designer has incorporated his beloved trendy elements into the design and is set to launch a series of tourbillon watches.

The brand, named "Melofaith", is coined from LaMelo Ball's religious beliefs - he has countlessly remarked his faith as his source of strength, inspiring him to face the challenges of every game with determination and perseverance. LaMelo Ball hopes to share his philosophy with fans through the creation of his brand. With religion being his spiritual pillar, faith and confidence are two indispensable elements that have allowed him to develop into an outstanding athlete.

LaMelo Ball and his manager Jermaine Jackson have always appreciated Memorigin’s “East meets West” designs and its high value for money in tourbillon craftsmanship. They were thrilled to find that both parties shared the same vision after being introduced to Memorigin’s Founder William Shum by the brand’s Consultant Calvin Chiu and Lamelo Ball’s Business Manager Rock Ng. By injecting new elements into its watch designs, they hope that the new, trendy tourbillon watch brand “Melofaith” would uproot the usual grand and mature feeling of tourbillon watches, resulting in a voguish tourbillion watch series that can be worn perfectly with both formal and casual wear.

Memorigin has previously worked with world-class football star Michael Owen and the professional snooker player Marco Fu to create special tourbillon watches, and both collaborations have created a huge buzz. This time, the establishment of the new brand “Melofaith” with rising star LaMelo Ball signals a long-term partnership. William says, "This year marks the 10th anniversary of Memorigin and is definitely a key milestone for the brand. Although I was unable to meet with LaMelo Ball and his team in person in the US due to the pandemic, thanks to today's advanced technology, we were able to communicate via virtual calls to create a watch that fits LaMelo Ball's personal style.” William also revealed that he will be developing a unique tourbillon movement for Melofaith, adding, "Within hours of LaMelo Ball's announcement, the number of fans on Memorigin’s social media platforms soared by 30% and continues to grow. With them being mostly overseas fans, I'm extremely confident that when the watch is released, it will be the talk of the town among NBA fans!”


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