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Linah Matsuoka loves the tourbillon series of Memorigin

Memorigin believes the tourbillon watch not only is a favourite item of men but also suitable for women! William Shum, our founder and CEO, invited Hong Kong's famous model Linah Matsuoka @linahxoxo to visit Memorigin showroom, aiming to explore the female tourbillon watch market by knowing more ab...

《Gourmet & Lifestyle》踏進陀飛輪世界 創造工業奇蹟


Metro Radio’s BiLiBaLa Interview

Memorigin’ Founder William Shum was invited by the hosts Ricky Fan and Russell Cheung to share his entrepreneurial experience in Metro Radio’s programme BiLiBaLa....


去年上映的Marvel電影《復仇者聯盟:終局之戰》雖然已然落幕,但戲中掀起的超級英雄熱潮未有退減,香港陀飛輪品牌萬希泉就繼2015年後再度與Marvel合作,推出三款超級英雄陀飛輪腕錶,除了Iron Man外,還有另外兩位主角雷神及蜘蛛俠。...

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