In recent years, the renowned actress and former leader of the pop group “Super Girls,” Aka Chio Wai Shan (Aka C), has not only been involved in singing and acting but has also expanded her career into the field of art. As an artist, she has held multiple exhibitions showcasing her Technical Pen Drawings that express her inner world and have captivated the public's attention. Embracing its commitment to supporting local artists, Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin has invited Aka C to collaborate on the design of the 52 Hertz Tourbillon Watch, themed around whales and showcasing her signature black-and-white style.

The 52 Hertz Tourbillon Watch is an extension of Aka's artwork "Calling of 52 Hertz." Drawing inspiration from the story of the world's loneliest whale, "52 Hertz," Aka has ingeniously incorporated a partially skeletonized design of the whale's body. This design reveals the intricate workings of the tourbillon movement at the heart of the watch, serving as a reminder for individuals to learn to be at peace with ourselves and begin from the "heart."

In Aka's drawing, the whale doesn't swim in the ocean but soars freely in the sky with the Earth on board. The Earth is placed atop the tourbillon mechanism. This watch series features a tourbillon movement composed of 155 components and 18 jewels, with a 40-hour power reserve and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. The tourbillon beats ceaselessly like a heart, symbolizing that by learning to be at peace with ourselves and living in harmony with the universe, we can nurture boundless vitality.

The brand seamlessly incorporates Aka's distinctive drawing style—black-and-white tones and intricate lines—into the dial design. Paired with a barrel-shaped stainless steel case resembling a picture frame and a white alligator strap, the watch encapsulates Aka's imaginative creations and the profound life philosophy they embody.

Each watch is elegantly packaged in a wooden watch box and a custom-made paper sleeve, showcasing Memorigin's meticulous attention to detail. The paper sleeve features a logo specially designed by Aka for this collaboration—a whale with the Memorigin brand name.

AKA has always been enthusiastic about charity. She has not only donated her artwork to the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry for exhibitions and charity sales but has also announced that during the priority pre-order period for the 52 Hertz Tourbillon Watch (from now until July 7), a portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry to help those in need, further elevating the significance of this collaboration.


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