The opening ceremony of Memorigin x Charm Global Priority Club Hong Kong Hangzhou Youth Association Contact Office was held on April 23rd. Mr. William Shum, Founder and CEO of the renowned tourbillon brand Memorigin, and Mr. Henry, Founder and Senior Regional Director of Charm Global Priority Club and President of the Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong Limited, jointly established the contact office at Room 815, Jiahua Center, No. 15 Hangda Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, with the aim of enhancing communication between Hangzhou and Hong Kong.

On the day of the event, renowned actor Mr. Jackie Lui Chung Yin, Miss Yvonne Yung, Mr. He Ziming, and well-known director Mr. Frankie Chan Fan Kei attended the event as honorary guests. William and Henry shared their connections with Hangzhou. William, as the President of the Hong Kong Hangzhou Youth Association, expressed that Hangzhou holds a special place in his heart as he frequently visited the city with his family since childhood, due to his father's investment in a watch company there. Henry, the Vice President of the Hong Kong Hangzhou Youth Association, has been involved in business development in Hangzhou for twelve years. Both of them, driven by the principle of "remembering one's roots," have been dedicated to bridging the communication between Hangzhou and Hong Kong.

William introduced the Hong Kong tourbillon brand he founded, Memorigin, to the guests. The brand has previously collaborated with renowned celebrities such as Mr. Ray Lui Leung Wai, Ms. Michelle Reis, and Ms. Cecilia Cheung. Recently, it collaborated with Mr. Stephen Chow as the First Creator for the NFT project "Nobody" to launch tourbillon watches. It has also collaborated with various international IPs such as Batman, the Avengers, Star Wars, and Transformers to launch watches. Now, the brand has officially established a showroom in Hangzhou, embodying the core concept of "bringing in" and "going out." William also announced a new series of tourbillon watches co-branded with "West Lake," aimed at promoting the beauty and cultural heritage of Hangzhou through the brand's tourbillon watches.

In addition to wholeheartedly promoting culture, Memorigin also continued to excel in innovative watch designs. William invited Mr. Jackie Lui Chung Yin to join him on stage to share their collaboration on the Blast Tourbillon watch. Inspired by his enthusiasm for motorcycles, the watch features a stylish barrel-shaped stainless steel case, breaking away from the traditional image of tourbillon watches.

Henry introduced Charm Global Priority Club to the guests. The office has been operating for over 27 years with a team of over 400 people, specializing in providing comprehensive wealth management and asset allocation tailored to high-net-worth individuals in China. Its goal is to create an integrated platform for elite exchanges between Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. As a financial center enterprise in Hong Kong, Charm Global Priority Club fully utilizes its geographical advantage, abundant resources, and expert team to offer customized high-quality asset planning services to clients. The company has successfully conducted numerous client seminars aimed at providing clients with a diverse range of wealth management solutions and other services. The professional team provides support for customers with professional and efficient implementation and loyal and meticulous long-term service.

He also introduced the eight major professional services offered by Charm Global Priority Club, including: Professional Solicitors Trusts, Hong Kong Resident Immigration, Medical Service Centers, Private Banking Services, Asset Management Services, Real Estate, and Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Education Services.

Finally, William, Henry, Mr. Jackie Lui, Mr. Bian Yiping, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Hangzhou Youth Association, Mr. Ou Zhenjiang, Committee Member of the Zhejiang Province Hangzhou Political Consultative, Mr. Zhang Cheng, Director of the International Cooperation Department of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Li Peishan, Director of Charm Global Priority Club, and Mr. Yin Zijian, Director of Charm Global Priority Club, participated in the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official opening of the Memorigin x Charm Global Priority Club Hong Kong Hangzhou Youth Association Contact Office. Subsequently, the guests also participated in a roast pig-cutting ceremony, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune, while looking forward to promoting and enhancing cultural and business exchanges between Hangzhou and Hong Kong through the Memorigin x Charm Global Priority Club Hong Kong Hangzhou Youth Association Contact Office.


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