With the arrival of spring, everyone dresses in light and colorful spring outfits. Hong Kong tourbillon brand Memorigin has also introduced new colors to its iconic flagship watch series, the Stellar Series - Imperial Tourbillon, breaking away from traditional color choices. Instead, it adopts spring colors that bring joy and surprise, offering a fresh feeling!

Memorigin retains the classic gold and silver watch cases and dials, while replacing the original blue mainplate and components with decorations in pink, green, and black. Additionally, the strap colors have changed from blue to white and green alligator straps, injecting a fresh interpretation of color combinations and introducing the Colourful Version of Stellar Series - Imperial Tourbillons.

The brand has recut highly durable sapphire glass to create a specially integrated sapphire crystal, seamlessly installed on the watch case. The highly transparent sapphire glass provides a clear view of the flying tourbillon's rotation, offering multiple viewing angles of the tourbillon mechanism and enhancing the mechanical aesthetic. Upon closer observation, one will also notice a Tang Dynasty stone carving-inspired dragon motif engraved on the tourbillon rotating cage, complementing the phoenix symbol on the dial. This symbolism signifies auspiciousness and subtly reflects the essence of Chinese culture.

In our design concept, we have seamlessly woven together the themes of "Sky and Earth" with the essence of time. Drawing from Chinese culture, where "round" symbolizes "movement" and "square" signifies "stillness," our designer has ingeniously integrated these concepts. A square border gracefully connects four key elements on the dial: the flying tourbillon at 3 o'clock, the sleek sphere-shaped GMT indicator at 6 o'clock, the elegant time reading sub-dial at 9 o'clock, and the captivating Chinese ancient planetarium featured decoration at 12 o'clock. This harmonious fusion of Western advanced watchmaking technology and the rich cultural heritage of China beautifully encapsulates the theme of "Sky and Earth." Notably, the amalgamation of the Chinese ancient planetarium featured decoration and the sphere-shaped GMT indicator not only celebrates the essence of both Chinese and Western cultures but also adds narrative and decorative elements to the overall design.

Memorigin has specially equipped this series with the AT0502 tourbillon movement, providing 40 hours of power reserve and vibrating at a frequency of 28,800 oscillations per hour. The flying tourbillon is positioned at the 3 o'clock position, with the Memorigin logo engraved on it, ensuring stability and making Memorigin's tourbillons stand out. This marks a new milestone in the history of tourbillons in Hong Kong. We hope you can find your own stylish charm in the Memorigin Colorful Stellar Series - Imperial Tourbillon watches.


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