Valentine's Day is the day for couples to express love to each other, and presenting surprise gifts to loved ones can inject romance into ordinary days.

Memorigin collaborates with the renowned Hong Kong director Patrick Kong, known for his expertise in directing romantic films. Adopting the theme of love confession in its design, the "Time is Love" Series encourages people to express their love through perfect couple watches.

The watches for ladies and gents are in pink tone and light blue color respectively. A rounded mother-of-pearl decoration is added on the dial. Together with the classical roman number indices, the dial forms colorful reflections under the light which symbolize the lovely moments in a relationship. The dial of the ladies has an embossed flower pattern. It highlights the cuteness of young ladies. For the men’s, a skeletal design is used on the dial. The operation of the delicate tourbillon components can be seen through the hollow. The sense of mechanics matches perfectly well with the tourbillon movement at 6 o’clock position.

Many secret love codes are hidden in this dreamy watch. They will surprise you or your loved ones when you find them out. The designer specially adds a ‘I ❤ U’ graphic on the space between the ‘1’ and ‘2’ indices. Having it coated with luminous paint allows it to glow in the dark, meaning the everlasting love. Moreover, the end of the hour hand is designed in heart shape while that of the minute hand is the letter ‘U’. Whenever the hands are overlapping with each other, a vertical ‘I ❤ U’ will be formed. They overlap for 24 times a day, which means your loved ones will love you 24/7. All parts of the design are thoughtful and detailed. Memorigin selects a tourbillon movement with 40 hours of power reserve for this series. Its stability and accuracy will always remind you to love in time.

Patrick is so attentive that he has also put much efforts in designing the package box. It fully incorporates the romance elements. ‘Time is priceless, Love is timeless’ is carved on the wooden box. The passcode lock is installed so that special love codes between couples must be input to open the box. The box encloses a love letter written by Patrick Kong, ‘the master of love’. You can also hand-write your own love letters and reveal your true feelings to your loved ones.


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