Memorigin has consistently supported the industrialization of the sports sector. Recently, the brand invited karate athlete Hinx Tang to visit Memorigin's showroom. The brand's founder, William Shum, along with Mr. Shum Mak Ling, the Director and Consultant of Memorigin Watch Co., Ltd., personally hosted and introduced him to the brand's collection of tourbillon watches, as well as their assorted collection of antique wood carvings and music boxes.

Hinx Tang has a keen interest in the production process of tourbillon watches. He is most impressed with the brand's "The Stellar Series - Imperial Tourbillon Watch," which he loves the most.

The Stellar Series - Imperial Tourbillon watch, themed "Earth was square and Heaven was round," intersects with the concept of "time." In this context, the circle historically represents "movement," while the square symbolizes "stillness." Time, with its flowing moments and changing celestial patterns, follows a rhythmic order, where the dynamic and the tranquil coexist in pursuit of harmonious beauty. Therefore, the designer has artfully incorporated circular elements with the flying tourbillon at 3 o'clock, the spherical GMT indicator at 6 o'clock, a time reading sub-dial at 9 o'clock, and an 18K gold Chinese ancient planetarium featured decoration at 12 o'clock. And finally a square frames made of 18K gold surrounds all these components. This design synthesis seamlessly connects Western advanced watchmaking techniques with the essence of Chinese culture, expressing the theme of "Earth was square and Heaven was round." Noteworthy is the visually compelling fusion achieved through the Chinese ancient planetarium featured decoration and the Earth-shaped GMT indicator, adding a decorative and narrative dimension to the overall design that embodies the essence of both Eastern and Western cultures.

The brand meticulously cuts extremely hard sapphire crystal to create a seamlessly integrated piece that is then mounted on the watch case. Hundreds of blades are delicately used to accomplish this challenging task. The highly transparent sapphire crystal enhances the visual effects of the rotating tourbillon, providing multiple viewing angles for the tourbillon mechanism. This not only intensifies the mechanical feel but also allows for a more profound appreciation of the craftsmanship. Upon closer examination, one will notice an intricately carved dragon symbol, reminiscent of Tang Dynasty stone engravings, on the tourbillon's toothed ring. These dragon engravings harmoniously complement the hollow-carved phoenix on the dial, symbolizing auspiciousness and subtly embodying the essence of Chinese culture.


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