To celebrate Maryknoll Convent School's centenary in 2025, Memorigin has designed and produced two special edition Maryknoll Convent School Tourbillon watches for the Maryknoll Convent School (MCS) Educational Trust.

The MCS Centenary Tourbillon features an elegant 40mm diameter with a graceful skeleton mother-of-pearl dial adorned with the school emblem and five beautiful diamonds as hour markers, exuding sophistication. On the other hand, the MCS Celebration Tourbillon comes with a 43mm silver case and a skeleton dial decorated with the school emblem, indexes, and hands in rose gold. The Day/Night indicator at 3 o'clock is engraved with the school motto, "Sola Nobilitas Virtus" (Virtue Alone Ennobles), making it highly collectible.

Additionally, the brand offers movement engraving services and allows you to freely choose your favourite strap color, thereby creating a personalized tourbillon watch for every alumna of Maryknoll Convent School.


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