Humanity's dedication and exploration of the unknown universe serve as our driving force for continuous progress and breakthroughs. Memorigin, a Hong Kong-based tourbillon brand, steadfastly pursues watchmaking craftsmanship. The brand has recently developed a miniature tourbillon (pearl tourbillon) automatic movement, placing the automatic winding structure at the edge of the main wheel system to reduce movement thickness. With this innovative movement, Memorigin has launched The Explorer Series tourbillon watch with a diameter of 39mm and a thickness of only 9.9mm, making it the brand's thinnest tourbillon watch series to date, marking a remarkable breakthrough.

The Explorer Series tourbillon features a dial crafted from an iron meteorite sourced from outer space, displaying irregular Widmanstätten patterns that make each tourbillon watch unique. The dials are available in two colors: deep gray and light gray. The time indicator and pointer-style date indicator are adorned with this year's hottest color - royal blue, adding a distinctive touch to the watch's design.

Additionally, the watch showcases Memorigin's exquisite polishing craftsmanship. The entire watch undergoes alternating treatments of a vertical-grind polisher and polished chamfers. The vertical-grind sections exhibit even and consistent lines, while the polished areas are smooth and brilliantly reflective, creating layers. The barrel-shaped case is paired with a classic round bezel and either a stainless steel strap or a royal blue alligator leather strap. This combination of style and elegance caters to various preferences.

The watch is equipped with a newly developed ultra-thin pearl tourbillon automatic movement, featuring a power reserve of 40 hours and a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour. Memorigin combines the intricate tourbillon craftsmanship with precious and rare meteorite materials, as well as delicate polishing techniques, delivering a surprise for all watch enthusiasts.


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