Memorigin has collaborated with Mona Lin Yingxi, an academician of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Creation Academy, to launch the M'finity Series Tourbillon watch. This series of tourbillon is inspired by her hand-painted mandala patterns and incorporates meteorite materials from outer space for the watch dial. The timepiece seamlessly merges the vastness of time and space in the universe into the compact dial.

To mark this momentous occasion, Memorigin recently held the "M'finity Series Tourbillon Watch Launch Event" at the Yachang Art Center in Shenzhen. The brand also arranged for a watch craftsman to demonstrate the watch assembly on site, allowing guests to closely appreciate and understand the craftsmanship of tourbillon watches.

At the event, Memorigin's founder, William Shum, delighted the audiences by introducing the rich craftsmanship and history of Memorigin. He enthusiastically shared insights into the advanced technology of tourbillons and candidly recounted his memorable experience of collaborating with Mona. He expressed that the invitation to collaborate with Mona was driven by a great admiration for her artistic achievements and relentless pursuit of excellence, which aligned perfectly with the brand's dedication to high-level watchmaking craftsmanship. The event also featured a simple yet significant appointment ceremony, during which William Shum officially appointed Mona Lin Yingxi as the Marketing Director for Memorigin in China.

Table tennis player Marco Fu and swimmer Alex Fong were unable to attend the product launch event due to their commitments, but as close friends of Mona, they pre-recorded videos to extend their congratulations and wish for the successful completion of the launch event. Shawn Cheung Siu Lun, on the other hand, showed his wholehearted support by attending the event in person. As a surfing athlete, Mona invited fencing athlete Shawn Cheung on stage to share his reflections on "time" from the perspective of an athlete. Sports involve the continuous accumulation of time, and every athlete must undergo prolonged and arduous training to achieve excellence in competitions. Their opponents are not just other competitors but also "time" itself. They must push their limits and create infinite possibilities within the limited time of their lives.

Afterwards, Mona personally shared the design concept of the M'finity Series Tourbillon watch. It is Mona’s first time designing a tourbillon watch. She admitted that she had added various hidden design ideas into the creation of this timepiece. First and foremost, in terms of the dial pattern, she skillfully created a hand-painted mandala pattern using geometric lines, aiming to bring a sense of joy and tranquility to the wearer. Additionally, the end of the hands is decorated with the ancient Sanskrit symbol "ॐ," known as the most original sound in the universe and representing the voice of the universe, enabling the wearer's spirit to synchronize with the various elements of the cosmos.

In terms of material selection, Mona and Memorigin have chosen a precious extraterrestrial material for the watch dial—the Muonionalusta Meteorite, discovered in Sweden. This meteorite from outer space undergoes rapid temperature changes upon entering the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in the formation of indelible crystalline structures on its surface. Each cut of the meteorite reveals natural and unique patterns known as Widmanstätten patterns. This one-of-a-kind feature serves as a special identification mark for the owner. It embodies the brand philosophy of Memorigin, which never ceases to pursue the beauty of rarity, and brings the dreamy galaxy to the wrists of tourbillon watch enthusiasts.

The brand overcame numerous challenges in cutting the meteorite, utilizing high-temperature and high-pressure treatment, along with precise cutting techniques and meticulous polishing to create the perfectly cut Mandala meteorite dial. The meteorite Mandala pattern on the dial resembles the spin state of particles during quantum entanglement, harmoniously complemented by the warm and luxurious stainless steel or 18K white gold case, adorned with 80 black diamonds emitting a subtle glow and 192 white diamonds shining brilliantly. The intricate and exquisite tourbillon movement oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, with the tourbillon device at the 6 o'clock position making one rotation per minute, clearly visible through the sapphire glass surface, integrating the vastness of time and space in the universe into the compact dial.

Mandala pattern consists of three ellipses intersecting and overlapping, forming several shapes resembling the letter "M" and also the number "3," giving people unlimited space for imagination. Mona invited the guests present to share their associations with the letter "M": "M represents Memorigin, Meteorite, Mandala, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Meditation, Motorsurf, and much more, embodying boundless possibilities. We hope that wearers can draw positive energy from it, nurturing inner happiness, peace, and joy, creating their own unique possibilities."

Lastly, on that day, it was Mona's birthday, and the day before was Shawn Cheung's birthday. Memorigin prepared birthday cakes for them, celebrating their birthdays together with the guests and sharing the most beautiful moments.


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