Memorigin, which has always supported the promotion of traditional Chinese culture, sponsored the new Cantonese opera "Butterfly Lovers," produced by Peng Meishi, a veteran media professional, and creative instructor. This sponsorship marks another instance of their support for Cantonese opera culture, following their previous sponsorships for "Lu Bu's Love" and "Hu Does Not Return." On that day, the "Butterfly Lovers" team held a press conference and launched a tram parade. The tram, adorned with banners showcasing the new opera "Butterfly Lovers," attracted a large number of citizens who gathered to witness and capture the moment, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

William Shum, the founder and CEO of Memorigin, attended the press conference and expressed his hope that this sponsorship would generate greater interest among young people in Hong Kong towards Chinese folklore. "Cultural elements are the vital essence of the brand, and promoting Chinese culture is our mission. Additionally, we aspire to design tourbillons with Cantonese opera themes in the future," he added.


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