Actor Jackie Lui Chung Yin has collaborated with Memorigin to design the Blast Tourbillon watch, drawing inspiration from motorcycles. During the promotional photo shoot, he used his personal motorcycle as a prop, creating a stylish and unconventional image for the traditional tourbillon watch. Memorigin founder William Shum Wai Lam, the creator of "Hong Kong-made tourbillon," also visited the set and expressed his admiration for Jin Yong's martial arts novels, particularly "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer." He revealed that he has been a fan of Jackie Lui Chung Yin's character Ling Wu Chung for a long time. Upon learning that Jackie is a fellow motorcycle enthusiast through friends, William invited him to collaborate on creating the Blast Tourbillon with a motorcycle theme, taking a stylish approach to reinterpret the traditional craftsmanship of tourbillon watchmaking.

At the age of 18, Jackie Lui Chung Yin obtained his motorcycle license and owned eight motorcycles at different times. However, since 2005, due to his work in mainland China and less time spent in Hong Kong, his motorcycles were parked for an extended period and eventually broke down. He had to reluctantly sell all his beloved motorcycles. In recent years, he has more time to spend with his family in Hong Kong and happened to see a very beautiful vintage motorcycle, which reignited his passion. Now, he not only rekindles his old hobby but also incorporates it into watch design, with the aim of creating a youthful and stylish watch suitable for men.

Actor Jackie Lui Chung Yin admitted that designing a watch was a big challenge for him, and initially, he had no idea how to start. The brand suggested adding a personal label, and he remembered that as a child, he had created a pattern of an American motorcycle using his name "Jackie." He shared this concept with the brand design team. William was very impressed with Lui Chung Yin's creativity, and after the brand refined the pattern, it was used on the dial. The tourbillon window at 6 o'clock was also designed with reference to the shape of the brake disc. When the tourbillon rotates, it looks like the wheel of a speeding motorcycle, perfectly combining motorcycle elements with mechanical watches.

The Blast Tourbillon watch features a silver or gold-plated barrel-shaped case with blue minute markers on the outer ring and crown rubber rings as decoration, giving it a rugged and stylish appearance. Additionally, the watch is equipped with exceptional shock resistance and luminous time display functions, making it the perfect partner for Jackie Lui Chung Yin's motorcycle adventures.


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