Memorigin collaborated with the top-ranking NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club and was offered the license of the Bored Ape #8698. The world’s first BAYC#8698 Tourbillon was created. Tourbillon is known for its extreme technical complexity and exquisite craftsmanship, while the Bored Ape Yacht Club membership is highly privileged and exclusive. As a result of the collaboration, a rare digital collectible has been transformed into a luxury timepiece that symbolizes the value and artistic taste of the BAYC NFT community members.

BAYC#8698 Tourbillon has a rose-gold color tone. The orange watch hands and strap follows the background color of BAYC#8698, which accentuates its energetic and positive image. The unique #8698 Bored Ape is embossed on the skeleton dial with Roman numeral hour markers. The Bored Ape is wearing sunglasses and holding a cigar in its mouth. It has an angel ring around its head and its necklace is made of bones. The cigar is adorned with ruby to create a “burning” end. There is an Ethereum symbol near the nine o’clock position to indicate that the BAYC collection is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The watch has two versions: a stainless-steel version and a diamond version. The bezel and the hour markers are embedded with diamonds in the diamond version. The watch has a manual-winding tourbillon movement that consists of 155 pieces of subassembly module and 18 jewels. It provides 40 hours of power reserve.


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