The singer Daniel Chan held a show in October, Harbour the Sonic Daniel Chan Concert 2022. In support of its partner, Memorigin advertised the show on the billboard outside the busiest Hong Kong Cross-Harbor Tunnel.

The brand collaborated with Daniel Chan in 2017 to launch the Time Witness Tourbillon. A few lines of lyrics of his song Time Witness are turned into the design details on the watch. The rest notation sign forms a part of the movement. The design expresses the meaning of the lyrics “let the eyes see through the soul to believe the promise” as the skeleton dial presents the literal meaning of “see-through”. The “promise” is abstractly presented with the circles on the dial, which symbolize the wedding rings.

The dial is inlaid with 10 diamonds as the indices, and it is matched with a rose-gold-plated stainless-steel case, which symbolizes the dazzling light of love. The watch adopts a neutral design, as long as it is matched with straps of different colors, it can create different effects: a black strap, showing the charm of men like a gentleman; a pink strap, showing a feminine side like a girl.


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