Memorigin’s Founder William Shum invited Paralympic champion sprinter So Wa Wai, also known as Wonder Boy, and his mother Hon Siu Ching to collaborate on tourbillon watches. They recently visited Memorigin’s showroom and were amazed by the antique wood carvings and music boxes. After that, they discussed the watch design.

William mentioned that the brand had sponsored the premiere of the local film Zero To Hero in the previous year. He was deeply touched by the biopic so he asked the sporting star if he was willing to inspire more people with the brand. “A parent’s unconditional love is the most powerful. Raising a disabled child can be a tremendous challenge, but the disability does not define the child’s existence. Parents can still encourage their children to achieve milestones and develop their strengths,” said William. The film even represented Hong Kong in the 94th Academy Awards’ Best International Feature race and was nominated for several recognitions in the Hong Kong Film Awards. Wai and his mother expressed their gratitude for the public support and hoped that the film could raise more awareness of the obstacles and compromises confronting local disabled athletes.

In the movie, it is revealed that the lack of government subsidies has forced Paralympic athletes to give up their athletic careers. William agreed that local athletes needed more support. For this reason, he devoted himself to facilitating the development of the sports industry. “Professional athletes train extensively for years, consuming the majority of their young lives to pursue their dreams of glory. They usually struggle with retirement as it may induce dramatic changes in their career. Hopefully, the tourbillon watch collaborations will provide them with opportunities to document their stories and contribute to society economically,” he said.


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