The Malaysian actress Yumi Wong has multiple appearances on TC Candler's “100 Most Beautiful Faces” list. In recent years, she tapped into the China market. She worked with artist Raymond Lam in the TV drama The Mask and got the leading role in a few online movies. Hong Kong audiences are becoming more familiar with Yumi as she has joined Louis Koo’s entertainment company.

Yumi announced the launch of the Infinity X tourbillon watch with Memorigin. She had her photoshoot for the watch and dressed in two styles. She looked angelic in a white dress on one occasion and turned herself into a sensational model with a metallic silver gown. She is an absolute fashionista and keeps slaying fashion goals with her impressive talent.

When asked about her design inspiration, Yumi replied, “I love science fiction, so I designed this watch with the theme of infinite possibilities. In the past, nobody had imagined sending rockets into space. Through the human characteristics of creativity and a willingness to accept new challenges, we were able to explore endless possibilities.” In pursuit of being an actress, she has travelled to different countries and adapted herself to different cultures. “I am very excited to begin my journey in Hong Kong with a new company and my own-designed watches. The watch will remind me that I should step out of my comfort zone to live my life to the fullest.”

Regarding the watch design, there is a rocket on the skeleton dial and an embossed letter “X” at the 10 o’clock position. “X” is the Roman numeral of 10 and a symbol for the concept of growing without bound.

The watch comes with a rose-gold-plated barrel-shaped stainless steel case. The calf strap and the markers for hours are in sharp orange. “Orange is associated with joy, warmth, enthusiasm, and success. The vibrant color of the sunshine enhances happiness,” Yumi said. It is equipped with a tourbillon movement with 40 hours of power reserve and a vibration frequency reaching 28,800 oscillations per hour. As the tourbillon rotates at the bottom, it is also pushing you to set goals and make them happen.


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